Geomatys is ASPIRING with ESA

Geomatys has been named lauréat of an ASPIRE with ESA business development grant to help put together all the elements we have been working towards over the past two years to make the wealth of tele-epidemiology and infectious disease ecology knowledge more widely available for managing health risks. With the summer we’ve all just experienced, it’s no secret that our changing climate means we can no longer rely on the patterns of the past or gradual changes that can be mitigated “petit-à-petit”. Preparedness requires a more nimble approach combined with deeper knowledge of the underlying processes that drive risk.

Our project is gaining momentum !

We have hired experts in infectious disease epidemiology and modeling and will soon welcome a marketing and business development specialist. We are on our way towards producing a platform to make information curated from academic results and geospatial data technologies accessible to decision makers in need of timely evidence-based assessments of the current and future risks posed by a growing list of infectious diseases. 

Our team has grown !

In June, we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Sarah Kada, an infectious disease modeler, who just completed 2.5 years of postdoctoral work in the Dengue Unit of the US CDC, where she also helped with the COVID-19 response. A master already of * many * things, Sarah is learning the ins-and-outs of industry and the world of geospatial data infrastructures.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Dr. Jessie Abbate, PHD

Research Scientist, Project Lead, Business Developer

Dr. Sarah Kada, PhD

Research Scientist, Business Developer






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